Yachts and campers share quite a lot of similarities - many accessories and materials are made by the same manufacturer. After gaining a lot of valuable experience by installing, customising and repairing campers, we decided to take up installing and customising yachts and other types of smaller ships. We supply yacht parts and accessories from various wholesalers, including Robert LindemannSVBToplichtPrebitKähneKroonSABA etc. In September 2013 we became official partners of two leading synthetic teak decking companies Flexiteek and Dek-King. Aside from supplying, we assemble and glue the synthetic teak decking for any kind of ship or even a room.

We assemble the synthetic teak decking


Antares 8

Santa Maria 2 

We install lightning, conditioning, water supply, wastewater, video, audio and other systems, manufacture furniture, plastic parts and etc.

For motorhomes and leisure activities

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